ASCETIC DISCOURSE (FS-5088) by D. Zivkovic

ASCETIC DISCOURSE (FS-5088) by D. Zivkovic
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Work description:


ASCETIC DISCOURSE is a cantata for voice and ensemble. The main theme of the piece is penetrating with the reality in a more intimate level trough a deep contemplation – it is about the meditative transfiguration by simplifying our life and removing all the unnecessity, false values and worldly concerns and being in peace closed out from the world.

The music is inspired by a contemplative text of Abba Philimon, taken from an old Byzantine spiritual collection called “Philokalia” and it musically mirrors a peaceful unison singing from the Valamo monastery. The principal core of musical ideas lies in a total reconstruction of our comprehension of the sounding world, a deep cognition of all creation. The beauty is found in simplicity, in unison simplicity.
This piece is not minimalistic, not drone, not meant to be developable, there is not any need to be out in the world. It is a hesychastic hymn of an apophatic character, my need to create music that descends deep in to the silence and finds there the sweetness of the hart, music without time. D.Z.

Mokranjac Award Committee on ”Ascetic Discourse”

Ascetic Discourse, a cantata for mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble, is a generously designed and substantially diverse music that is characterized by multidirectional communication, both with the modern trends, as well as the ancient, traditional sources of inspiration and musical thought. The text of father Philimon taken from the old Byzantine collection of spiritual texts "Philokalia" has profoundly defined his colourful, delicate, innovative and emotionally experienced music. Djuro Zivkovic sovereignly rules with the modern compositional and musical techniques, which stand deep in the function of his artistic individuality that possesses a finished aesthetic style. Ascetic Discourse is a work of music that establishes a step forward into the new and authentic Serbian and in European contemporary music.


Ascetic Discourse - performed by New European Ensemble, Carina Vinke, Christian Karlsen




Material for information and publication
Duration: 18 min.
Instrumentation: 1 Clarinet in A / 1 Bass Clarinet in B / 1 Mandoline / 1 Guitar / Solo Mezzosoprano / 1 Violin / 1 Viola / 1 Cello
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